09 October 2006

I Should be Working on my Paper

How awesome was the Cal/Oregon football game this weekend? Words cannot describe. But numbers can: 45-24 Cal! Watching in the stands with my parents was also a blast, and a nice respite from crazy tailgates and their residual lazy Sundays.

I am not a fan of Time magazine, but this cover speaks to me:

I am not the only one saying this, but I feel it bears repeating...

With this Foley scandal I feel we may have reached a turning point. But what does it say about our society that we can go blindly and arrogantly into wars without end, manufacture future "civilizational" discontent and terrorism, and it is the actions of gay pedophilic congressman that finally forces the issue? I don't think I will understand this anytime soon, but am sure understanding the motivations and ideologies driving our society will keep future historians and sociologists busy for millenia...


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