09 October 2006

I Should be Working on my Paper

How awesome was the Cal/Oregon football game this weekend? Words cannot describe. But numbers can: 45-24 Cal! Watching in the stands with my parents was also a blast, and a nice respite from crazy tailgates and their residual lazy Sundays.

I am not a fan of Time magazine, but this cover speaks to me:

I am not the only one saying this, but I feel it bears repeating...

With this Foley scandal I feel we may have reached a turning point. But what does it say about our society that we can go blindly and arrogantly into wars without end, manufacture future "civilizational" discontent and terrorism, and it is the actions of gay pedophilic congressman that finally forces the issue? I don't think I will understand this anytime soon, but am sure understanding the motivations and ideologies driving our society will keep future historians and sociologists busy for millenia...

05 October 2006

This Elated Girl is a Stress Case!

Guess which event Leah is most excited about this weekend?

a. Homecoming football game versus Oregon
b. Parents and little sis coming to visit for the game
c. Six-week anniversary of my broken toe

No offense family, but my toe is officially cleared for take-off as of this weekend, and I have never been so excited. I am not going to hop right back on the triathlon bandwagon again - and not only because I realized how cold the Bay water will be by November when the race was scheduled. I am going to take it easy, because ideally I learned some lessons in moderation while I was out sick. Lessons like, sometimes it is ok to take a day off exercising - especially when you are taking a graduate seminar and working a full time job. And, I also learned that when you are in really great shape, you can pretty much sit on your ass for a good month before you see obvious physical signs. These last two weeks have tested the strength of my mental health. I simply tried to embrace my newly pudgy arms and fuller cheeks (you can guess which ones I am talking about) but it was tough, especially when my crazy co-worker caught me eating the communal chocolate and asked if I was gaining weight in my sedentary life. Arrgh! I am used to being the young co-worker whose bad snack habits annoy everyone because I don't gain weight - I don't like being the co-worker who gets chided for eating chocolates! But it was out of my control: I couldn't exercise and I can't stop eating candy - so maybe I have learned to accept my limitations...ha!

Tonight was really shaping up to be a downer. I have been getting really tired around the late afternoon lately. I feel queasy, tired, dehydrated... More or less, I have taken on too much trying to research for this seminar and work full time. My mind is elsewhere at work, my social life is non-existent (except at football games when I let out a little too much pent up energy) and recently the stress has started to actually make me sick. Tonight after work I again felt horrible. I took a few hours off in the afternoon to dig through the archives at the Bancroft for my research - and usually that makes me feel a lot better. But even though I was completely engrossed in my research, I still wanted to puke. And let me tell you, the Bancroft staff would not have enjoyed that since you are only allowed to enter with a notebook and pencil. After eating and re-hydrating myself I sat moping in my room until I finally got sick of my bad mood and decided to try going for a run. This past weekend I cut up an old sneaker so that I can use it without putting any pressure on my toe, and since my toe has been feeling really good lately I decided to give it a shot. Obviously, I needed to relieve some stress.

I will start with the disclaimer that I did not make it very far - but it was an unbelievable rush. If my toe was in any pain, I was oblivious to it. I have missed this adrenaline. If running gave me such a rush, then I can't wait to get back on my bike. So I ran a little less than a mile, but my whole mindset has changed - and this evening is all of a sudden shaping up nicely. I think I will listen to Justin Timberlake's "My Love" a few more times and then call it a night study-wise. Then off to watch Grey's and I can go to sleep content...and slightly less stressed out.